Requirements if you plan to come to campus

Oct 1, 2020

HCC Eagles,

If you are planning to come to campus for your lab-based courses or an appointment with Student Services, there are some important things for you to know. We’ve put together this resource that shows it all in one place, but we’ve also provided the highlights below.


Screening Requirements

Everyone is required to complete screening each day they come to campus. The screening process has two steps, and the first one must be done BEFORE you arrive on campus.


Step 1: HCC COVID-19 Pre-Screening – starting Oct. 2

This is a pre-screening questionnaire that is sent to you by email. You must complete this questionnaire the day you plan to come to campus, but before you arrive at HCC. ONLY complete it the days you are going to campus.


If you pass the pre-screening, you will see a green results screen that includes a QR code which you must show when you arrive at HCC. To be safe, take a screenshot/picture of this results page so you can easily pull it up when you get to campus.


Step 2: Arrive on Campus & Report to Screening Station

Allow extra time to complete your screening when you arrive on campus (come 10-15 minutes early). When you get to campus, go to the screening station where you will show your pre-screening results page and get your temperature checked. If you pass the temperature screening, you will receive a wristband and be granted access to the building.


What to Expect on Campus

Everyone is required to follow all safety protocols at all times. This includes wearing a face mask, social distancing and following all signage.

For the safety of everyone on campus, there is no available food service or water fountain access. Please come prepared by bringing your own food and drinks.



Your safety is our main priority. If you or a person you live with is sick, STAY HOME. This will help to keep our campuses safe while we all do our part to stop the spread.

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