General Counsel

About the Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel manages the administrative and legal affairs of the Houston Community College System.

The Office of the General Counsel includes the following department units:  Legal Services, Compliance, Institutional Equity, Records Management, and Risk Management.

Our clients are the Board of Trustees, the Houston Community College System, its campuses, and HCC employees acting in their official capacities. 

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Department Units of the Office of General Counsel

Legal Services

The Legal Services Unit manages the legal affairs of the Houston Community College System, which includes contract management, general legal advice to the College, litigation management, talent engagement support, instructional services support, student services support, intellectual property, TPIA responses, real estate matters, and other matters applicable to higher education law. The Legal Services Unit represents the Houston Community College System, not individual students, faculty or staff, except when legal issues arise as a result of actions taken during the course and scope of employment or while acting for the college.


Telephone: 713-718-7514




The Compliance Unit enables the institution to fulfill its obligations under applicable laws, regulations, best practices and standards, contractual obligations, and policies. The Compliance Unit is responsible for monitoring and coordinating compliance efforts and periodically reviewing each identified key compliance area, oversees case management for a third party hotline; develops and/or approves mandatory training initiatives; reports overall activities and performance metrics quarterly to the Board, and promotes compliance awareness throughout the College.


Telephone: 713-718-7514




Institutional Equity

The mission of the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) is to ensure that students and employees have the opportunity for full participation in Houston Community College and assuring comprehensive protections under Title IX and all Federal, State and Local laws regarding protected classes.

OIE exists to advance HCC’s diversity and inclusion goals. This extends to employment, admissions and all programs and activities supported by the College. Our services range from investigating complaints initiated by students, faculty, staff and the community as well as the development of training that meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve.


Telephone: 713-718-8271




Records Management

The Office of Records Management (ORM) structures and maintains the institution's records management infrastructure to assure high-quality and affordable education for academic achievement, workforce training, career and economic development and life-long learning consistent with federal, state and local laws.


Telephone: 713-718-5245




Risk Management

The Risk Management department fully supports Houston Community College by developing and maintaining a program of risk management that protects the personnel, students and assets of HCC. Risk management serves to reduce conditions or practices which may expose the institution to human, environmental, or financial loss in coordination with multiple departments including Internal Audit.


Additional information is available at the Emergency Management Website:

Telephone: 713-718-5100



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