Distance Learning

Students taking classes in the Adult Education and Literacy program (AEL) can get extra practice outside of class by using web-based distance learning (DL) software.   The DL software can help students improve their English language skills (ESL), or prepare for the high school equivalency (HSE) exam.

Using the DL software does NOT guarantee that you will pass the HSE exam nor does it count towards any college-credit classes.

To take online, college-credit classes (e.g. math, accounting, art, history, biology, psychology, etc.), please visit hccs.edu/online/ or call 713-718-5275.

The DL software creates a customized learning plan based on your initial assessments.  It provides lesson materials that can be used in conjunction with your face-to-face class in the AEL program or can be used as an independent study tool.     

Requirements for using DL software:

  • Be registered for a face-to-face class in the AEL program (or have previously completed 12 hours of direct contact instruction within the AEL program year)
  • A laptop or portable device
  • High-speed internet (consider libraries and other  community resources)
  • Basic computer skills
  • Minimum assessment scores
  • Strong self-discipline and motivation

To access the DL software:  

  1. Pass the Basic Computer Skills Test (Adobe Flash is required. Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended).  Retake the test until it says you have passed the test. Print a copy of your test results.
  1. Bring a copy of your Basic Computer Skills Test results to an orientation/registration session listed in the schedule below:
    Orientation & Registation Schedule
  1. Complete other assessments and paperwork given at the orientation/registration session.
  1. If you meet all AEL program and assessment requirements, register for a class that uses the DL software.

  2. Attend the class that you registered in.  Your instructor will provide instructions on how to access the DL software.


To access the DL software you must be taking a face-to-face class in the AEL program.  However, if you have previously completed 12 hours of direct contact within the AEL program year, you may be eligible to continue using the DL software.  Students who do not use the software on a regular basis may lose access to the DL software.


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