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Work-Study Opportunities

Work-Study will be available for the Fall Semester. Additional information will be forthcoming by August 15.



With your Work-Study financial aid award, you are able to work part-time on-campus or off-campus. Students earn the amount of their Work-Study award by working up to 19.5 hours a week at approved Work-Study employer. The Work-Study award is not a lump sum payment to the student — students receive a biweekly check. Work-Study positions are available at all campus sites and off-campus at community organizations. 

  • On-campus jobs pay $9.50 per hour. 
  • Off-campus jobs pay $10.00 per hour. 


A student is awarded Work-Study if they indicate on their financial aid application that they are interested in the Work-Study program. All degree and eligible certificate programs are eligible. Work-Study awards are based upon eligibility and the availability of funds. There are three (3) types of work-study that can be awarded to a student:

  1. Federal Work-Study - Granted to qualifying students through their Financial Aid Award Package. Students are able to work from July 1 – June 15 of the Financial Aid Year.
  2. Texas Work-Study - Granted to qualifying students through their Financial Aid Award Package. It is only for residents of the State of Texas. Students are able to work from September 1 – May 15 of the Financial Aid Year. 
  3. Texas Mentorship - Granted to qualifying students through their Financial Aid Award Package. It is only for residents of the State of Texas. Students are able to work from September 1 – May 15 of the Financial Aid Year. Eligible students will be hired to mentor, tutor, and/or advise other students about the process to enroll in college.

    Funds and jobs are not guaranteed.
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Student | Work-Study Information

Eligibility Requirements Per Term

To be eligible for Work-Study at HCC, you must meet these requirements each term:

  • Accept Work-Study award by clicking here to login to Student System. 

  • Be a degree-seeking student or enrolled in an eligible certificate program.

  • Be enrolled in at least six credit hours throughout the term of employment. Audit classes do not count.

  • Must not owe a repayment or be in default under any state or federal grant or loan program.

  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

  • Pass HCC background check.


COVID-19 UPDATE | Work Hours, Salary and Pay Schedule

Students in a federal or state Work-study position will no longer report to their jobs or be required to work remotely. The remaining amount of their Work-Study award for the Spring semester will be paid in two lump sum installments on April 15 and April 30.

To view total amount of your Work-Study Spring award, please visit the Student Service Center at and select the Financial Aid tile/box to view financial aid award amounts. Once you confirm your total Spring award amount, subtract that from total amount of hours/work you were paid for from January 1 through March 30 – this number will be the amount you will receive in two lump sum installments. For questions about Work-Study, please email


Student Work-Study Documents and Resources

It is our hope that you have all the information needed to maximize the benefits of the work-study program. Below are the required documents and resources for students and employers. Please note that missing documents will result in a delayed start date and payments.


Forms and Documents: If you plan to attend HCC between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020, you must fill out the 19 -20 forms. Only use 2019-2020 forms for aid during (Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020)

 Timesheets and Pay 

Work Study Guide


Campus Contacts


For general Work-Study questions, please email

For updates on your Work-Study applications, please email the contact at the campus where you applied to work. 

Southeast  - Jamaah Tyler

Central and South Campus – Arlen Montemayor

Northline and Codwell - Teresa Washburn  

West Loop and Coleman – Tammy Anderson

Stafford, Missouri City and Katy – Shanetta Burke

Spring Branch and Alief - James Dixon


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Work-Study? There are three types of Work-Study. Federal Work-Study is federally funded, and Texas Work-Study and Texas Mentorship, both funded by the State of Texas. All three are financial aid programs that enable students to earn money (like a part-time job) toward college expenses by working on-campus or off-campus through approved nonprofit agencies serving the community.

How do I know if I have a Work-Study award? Review your financial aid offer by clicking here. An offer of Federal Work-Study, Texas Work-Study or Texas Mentorship must be accepted if you would like to work on or off campus.

What does my Work-Study dollar amount mean? If your financial aid package includes the initial maximum of $5,500 in Work-Study, that is the total amount you can earn in a Work-Study position. Your financial aid offer splits it into $2,750 fall and $2,750 spring but you can earn up to your maximum eligibility anytime during the aid year.

Can I keep working if I'm not enrolled or graduate? If you withdraw, are dismissed, or graduate, you cannot continue in a Work-Study position. It ends on the last day of your enrollment. If an employer wants to retain your services, your earnings must be paid out of the department or agencies payroll budget. You must notify your employer of you have a change in enrollment.

If I don't work do I have to give the money back? Since you don't receive the money until you earn it, and you can't earn it without having a Work-Study job, there is no money to give back.

Can I receive Work-Study if it is not part of my financial aid award package? If you are interested in Work-Study and you have completed the financial aid application process, please visit with the financial aid office for an evaluation of your eligibility for Work-Study funds. Do not inquire until you have received a financial aid package.

How much do on-campus positions pay? On-campus positions students will make $9.50 an hour.

How much do off-campus positions pay? Off-campus jobs students will make $10.00 an hour.

Will I receive benefits? No, Work-Study students are not eligible for paid vacation, sick leave, holidays, or medical and dental insurance through their Work-Study job.

Can I collect Unemployment if my Work-Study position is terminated or eliminated? Work-Study is a form of financial assistance and the college does not pay into unemployment for the funds received. Therefore, unemployment cannot be claimed against funding received from a work-study job.


Employer | Work-Study Information

Employer | Work-Study Forms and Information Guide

19-20 EMPLOYER FORMS | Please only use 2019-2020 forms for Work-Study aid during (Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020)




Employer | Work-Study Hiring Manager Orientation and Assessment

The Work-Study Hiring Manager Orientation will equip new and returning Work-Study hiring managers with tools and information you need to participate in the Work-Study Program; post job requisitions; and attend Work-Study Job Fairs

New and returning Work-Study hiring managers must complete the online orientation and assessment before hiring a Work-Study student. 

  1. Review online Work-Study Hiring Manager Orientation for new and returning hiring managers by clicking this link — Work-Study Hiring Manager Orientation

  2. Complete the online Work-Study Hiring Manager Orientation assessment by clicking here


Employer | Off-campus Work-Study Interest Form For Community Partners

Filling out the online interest form is the first step to become an off-campus Work-Study partner. We will use the form to determine whether your organization meets the eligibility requirements for Financial Aid Work-Study Program. The information provided on the form will also allow us to better meet your needs for student workers.

Once you submit the interest form, a work-study coordinator will review your information and determine your eligibility within 4-5 business days.

Please click the link to submit HCC Off-campus Work-Study Interest Form

If you have questions about the Work-Study program, please email



Campus Contacts


For general Work-Study questions, please email

For updates on your Work-Study applications, please email the contact at the campus where you are housed.