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Work-Study Opportunities


With your Traditional Work-Study financial aid award, you are able to work part-time on-campus or off-campus. Students earn the amount of their Work-Study award by working up to 19.5 hours a week at approved Work-Study employer. The Work-Study award is not a lump sum payment to the student — students receive a biweekly check. Work-Study positions are available at all campus sites and off-campus at community organizations.

Hourly pay for work study is now $13.00!


A student is awarded Work-Study if they indicate on their financial aid application that they are interested in the Work-Study program. All degree and eligible certificate programs are eligible. Work-Study awards are based upon eligibility and the availability of funds. There are three (3) types of work-study that can be awarded to a student:

  1. Federal Work-Study - Granted to qualifying students through their Financial Aid Award Package. Students are able to work from July 1 – June 15 of the Financial Aid Year.
  2. Texas Work-Study - Granted to qualifying students through their Financial Aid Award Package. It is only for residents of the State of Texas. Students are able to work from July 1 – June 15 of the Financial Aid Year.
  3. Texas Mentorship - Granted to qualifying students through their Financial Aid Award Package. It is only for residents of the State of Texas. Students are able to work from July 1 – June 15 of the Financial Aid Year. Eligible students will be hired to mentor, tutor, and/or advise other students about the process to enroll in college.

Funds and jobs are not guaranteed.



  • To look for job postings, visit here
  • Once on the job portal page, you will need to select “search” which is located on the right-hand side of the page (in black) right above “Returning Users”.
  • Once you select the “search” button, the website will navigate you to see all open positions.



HCC Financial Aid will be hosting Work-Study job fairs throughout 2021! Eligible students are encouraged to attend and secure their work-study position. HCC job fairs not only put students in the same room as organizational partners looking for work-study students, but also give students the opportunity to interview and begin the onboarding process that very day!


Financial Aid will be hosting Work-Study Job Fairs thorughout the Fall semester, check back here to find registration links to the fairs once they are scheduled. 

Student | Work-Study Information

Eligibility Requirements Per Term

To be eligible for Work-Study at HCC, you must meet these requirements each term:

  • Accept Work-Study award by clicking here to login to Student System 
  • Be a degree-seeking student or enrolled in an eligible certificate program.
  • Be enrolled in at least six credit hours throughout the term of employment. Audit classes do not count.
  • Must not owe a repayment or be in default under any state or federal grant or loan program.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Pass HCC background check.


COVID-19 UPDATE | FALL 2021 Work-Study

Houston Community College Work-Study Program for 2021-2022 academic year (Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022) is set to be August 23, 2021 through June 20, 2022.

We are excited to announce that there are multiple open remote and in-person positions (on and off campus) available for students to apply. Please read through the all of the information below for more details on Work-Study and the link on how to apply.



With your Work-Study financial aid award, you are able to work part-time on-campus or off-campus. Students earn the amount of their Work-Study award by working up to 19.5 hours a week at approved Work-Study employer. The Work-Study award is not a lump sum payment to the student — students receive a biweekly check. Hourly pay is now $11.00!

  • ON-CAMPUS (HCC) | Until further notice, most on-campus positions will be remote work only. Students working remotely will be required to have adequate technology in order to work. This includes a desktop computer or laptop along with reliable internet service (Wifi or Ethernet). Resources for technology are available at You will need to review the job posting to make sure you are aware of the location and requirements.
  • OFF-CAMPUS (Community Partner) | Off-campus positions may be remote or require you to safely work on-site at one of our community partners. You will need to review the job posting to make sure you are aware of the location and requirements. Again, resources for technology are available at



If you are interested in returning to a previous Work-Study assignment, you must have your hiring manager (supervisor) submit your name to the financial aid office by email at

  • Once your name is submitted, financial aid will submit a Part-Time Request form to Talent Engagement to have you moved in PeopleSoft to your hiring manager. Students are NOT to begin working in any capacity until reflected in PeopleSoft as a direct report. This is a violation of HCC policy.

If you are looking to apply to a new department for a new Work-Study position, please follow the information below for new students.


Be on the lookout for information on our FALL 2021 job fairs. 

  1. APPLICATION | If you are interested in applying, please follow the link below to view open positions and submit your application: will be added weekly so check back frequently for new opportunities.

  2. INTERVIEW | Once your application is received, it will be forwarded to the hiring manager for review. Students will be notified by the hiring manager if they are selected for an interview.

  3. HIRING SELECTION | If you are selected to work for the hiring manager, your campus Coordinator can assist you with your hiring process.

  4. PAPERWORK | It is very important that you check your email daily, as you will be asked to submit the required information in order to be hired. This includes a background check along with submitting proof of your ability to work in the United States (I-9 documentation). Talent Engagement will work to have you moved to your hiring manager to show as a direct report. Students are not allowed to begin working until they have completed the hiring process. This is a violation of HCC policy.



Please note that although jobs are not guaranteed, we are here to support you throughout the process. If you have questions about your hiring status and/or award status, please contact your Campus Coordinator Contact here:


Student Work-Study Documents and Resources

It is our hope that you have all the information needed to maximize the benefits of the work-study program. Below are the required documents and resources for students and employers. Please note that missing documents will result in a delayed start date and payments.


If you plan to attend HCC between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022, you must fill out the 21-22 forms. Only use 2021-2022 forms for aid during (Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Summer 2022). 


 Timesheets and Pay 

Work Study Guide


Steps to Securing Work-Study

Work-Study is a great way to earn money while working towards your degree. Here are the steps students can take to secure a work-study position. 

  1. Determine if you are eligible to participate in in the Work-Study program and if you have a financial aid award. You can do this by contacting the Financial Aid Office.
  2. Use your HCC login credentials to access CareerHub, the website where you can apply for student positions. Your profile will be connected to your HCC email address.
  3. Create your resume using the CareerHub Resume Builder or upload your current resume to have it reviewed by a Career Services staff member.
  4. Schedule an appointment online with the Career Center to discuss your resume and job search with a staff member.
  5. Begin your search for the perfect work-study position for you!
  6. Students are encouraged to register for upcoming job fairs while searching for work-study positions. HCC job fairs put you in the same room as organizational partners who are searching for work-study students and gives you the opportunity to interview and begin the onboarding process that very day.
  7. Once selected for an interview visit the Student Resources – CareerHub webpage for information on preparing for an interview.
  8. Complete your interview
  9. Get selected for a work-study position
  10. Start the hiring process by creating a profile at Houston Community College Careers - Careers (
  11. Select and apply to the requisition you want: Work-Study On-Campus (ID: 21001WV), Path to Profession Work Study On-Campus (ID: 210012L), or Work Study Off-Campus (ID: 21001WU)
  12. Complete the required background check – keep an eye on your HCC email for more information on this step
  13. Receive and accept an official job offer via your HCC email account
  14. Complete any remaining onboarding tasks
  15. Submit your I-9 documentation, in person, to 3100 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Houston TX, 77002.
  16. Students usually enter information needed to get paid during the onboarding process. If you were not able to enter the necessary information you can submit them along with the Direct Deposit Form or Cash Pay Card Form via email to


Campus Contacts

For general Work-Study questions, please email


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Work-Study? There are three types of Work-Study. Federal Work-Study is federally funded, and Texas Work-Study and Texas Mentorship, both funded by the State of Texas. All three are financial aid programs that enable students to earn money (like a part-time job) toward college expenses by working on-campus or off-campus through approved nonprofit agencies serving the community.

How do I know if I have a Work-Study award? Review your financial aid offer by clicking here. An offer of Federal Work-Study, Texas Work-Study or Texas Mentorship must be accepted if you would like to work on or off campus.

What does my Work-Study dollar amount mean? If your financial aid package includes the initial maximum of $5,500 in Work-Study, that is the total amount you can earn in a Work-Study position. Your financial aid offer splits it into $2,750 fall and $2,750 spring but you can earn up to your maximum eligibility anytime during the aid year.

Can I keep working if I'm not enrolled or graduate? If you withdraw, are dismissed, or graduate, you cannot continue in a Work-Study position. It ends on the last day of your enrollment. If an employer wants to retain your services, your earnings must be paid out of the department or agencies payroll budget. You must notify your employer of you have a change in enrollment.

If I don't work do I have to give the money back? Since you don't receive the money until you earn it, and you can't earn it without having a Work-Study job, there is no money to give back.

Can I receive Work-Study if it is not part of my financial aid award package? If you are interested in Work-Study and you have completed the financial aid application process, please visit with the financial aid office for an evaluation of your eligibility for Work-Study funds. Do not inquire until you have received a financial aid package.

How much do on-campus positions pay? On-campus positions students will make $11.00 an hour.

How much do off-campus positions pay? Off-campus jobs students will make $11.00 an hour.

Will I receive benefits? No, Work-Study students are not eligible for paid vacation, sick leave, holidays, or medical and dental insurance through their Work-Study job.

Can I collect Unemployment if my Work-Study position is terminated or eliminated? Work-Study is a form of financial assistance and the college does not pay into unemployment for the funds received. Therefore, unemployment cannot be claimed against funding received from a work-study job.


Employer | Work-Study Information

Employer | Work-Study Forms and Information Guide

21-22 EMPLOYER FORMS | Please only use 2021-2022 forms for Work-Study aid during (Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Summer 2022)





Employer | Work-Study Hiring Manager Orientation and Assessment

The Work-Study Hiring Manager Orientation will equip new and returning Work-Study hiring managers with tools and information you need to participate in the Work-Study Program; post job requisitions; and attend Work-Study Job Fairs

New and returning Work-Study hiring managers must complete the online orientation and assessment before hiring a Work-Study student. 

  1. Review online Work-Study Hiring Manager Orientation for new and returning hiring managers by clicking this link — Work Study Supervisor Orientation PPT

  2. Complete the online Work-Study Hiring Manager Orientation assessment


Employer | Off-campus Work-Study Interest Form For Community Partners

Filling out the online interest form is the first step to become an off-campus Work-Study partner. We will use the form to determine whether your organization meets the eligibility requirements for Financial Aid Work-Study Program. The information provided on the form will also allow us to better meet your needs for student workers.

Once you submit the interest form, a work-study coordinator will review your information and determine your eligibility within 4-5 business days.

Please click the link to submit HCC Off-campus Work-Study Interest Form

If you have questions about the Work-Study program, please email



Campus Contacts


For general Work-Study questions, please email


Termination Information

If an employer is not satisfied with a student's performance, please take the following steps:

  1. Discuss the problem with the student, and create a mutually agreed upon performance improvement plan or other intended resolution.
  2. If the problem continues, email the student describing the problem, and give a statement of consequences if the behavior is not corrected. (You may wish to give the student a deadline to correct the problem.) A copy of this communication should be sent to our office.
  3. If there is no correction of the behavior, the student's employment may be terminated. The employer should notify the student and should complete both a Federal Work-Study Termination Form and an Employee Performance Evaluation Form, being sure to state the reasons that the employee was terminated. 
  4. Problems such as dishonesty, theft, disclosure of confidential information, or similar breaches of integrity may call for immediate dismissal from the Federal Work-Study program. Employers should contact us as soon as possible in such instances.

If an employer initiates a termination for a non-negative reason, such as budgetary constraints or the completion of a project, the employer should provide the student advanced notice, generally at least two weeks, to provide time for the student to secure alternative employment.


Traditional Work-Study Vs. Path to Profession Program

While both programs provide HCC students with the opportunity to earn money while they continue their education, here are some key differences between the two.


Traditional Work Study:

  • Students historically secure positions on or off campus in positions that are of no relevance to their field of study
  • Students can only work 19.5 hours per week in the Traditional Work Study Program
  • Hourly pay rate of $13.00 


Path to Profession:

  • Allows students to be paid for apprenticeships, internships, clinical rotations, and other career-related positions with community partners
  • Students are permitted to work more than the typical 19.5 hours
  • Hourly pay rate of $15.00