Frequently Asked Questions

Who should enroll?

Project team members, entry level project managers, undergraduate and graduate students.


Where are classes held?

West Loop Center Campus, 5601 West Loop South, 77081, (Location Subject to Change)


Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, students must have a High School Diploma or GED to start the series.


What type of job will I get?

Project Managers, Project Analyst, Project Team Leaders, Project Coordinators or Program Managers.


What is the entry level salary range?

$40k - $60K depending on the Industry.


Required books?

Please call the office for Course and Material Information at 713-718-2921.


Do you provide job placement?

As an HCC Student, you have access to The Career Planning Resource staff, and the Virtual Career Center (VCC).

Career Planning Advisors:

  • Central College-713 718 6176
  • Northwest College-713-718-5802
  • Southwest College-713-718-7718
  • Southeast College-713-718-6826
  • Northeast College-713-718-5291


Is there an attendance policy?

Must attend at least 80% of scheduled class time. Perfect attendance is highly recommended (Class sessions in person with instructor).