First-Year Advising Program

About the Program


Students new to HCC beginning with less than 12 previously completed college credit hours enroll into a student success course (EDUC 1300, LEAD 1370) in their first semester.  Each student enrolled in a success course is assigned to an academic advisor and will complete advising activities as part of the First-Year Advising Program.

The student success course combined with the First-Year Advising Program helps students to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college.

Your Advisor

Finding Your Assigned Advisor

Advisors are assigned to first-year students enrolled in a student success course usually during the first week of the course. Typically within the first two weeks of class, the assigned advisor will visit the classroom for a brief introduction and to review expected advising activities. 

Additionally, you can identify your assigned advisor by reviewing the main page of the Student Center under the Advisor panel.

Assigned advisors meet with students by appointment. You may contact your assigned advisor to make an appointment by e-mail or phone.  Some advisors set appointment dates during the classroom visit.


Required Advising Activities

First Steps

As part of the First-Year Advising Program, students will complete advising activities with their assigned advisor. These activities will include (but are not limited to):

  • Completing two advising sessions with the assigned advisor.
  • Declaring an academic program and plan (commonly known as a “major”).

as well as ...