Overview of services

ADA Services

Assistive technology

Assistive technology including (but not limited to) specialized keyboards, computer screen enlargement software and alternative classroom furniture is available. 


Alternative format textbooks

Those with vision impairment and learning disabilities can request alternate format textbooks.


Campus and community referrals

Ability Services can provide both campus and community resource referrals to students when needed.


Career counseling

An ADA Counselor can provide disability enhanced career counseling to eligible students who are undecided about their career choice.


Disability access computers

Computer labs and classrooms throughout campus are equipped with computer stations tailored to those with disabilities.


Disability management counseling

When you register with Ability Services, you can meet with an ADA Counselor for your academic counseling needs throughout your time at Houston Community College. The ADA Counselor will provide disability-related information and academic accommodations and work with you on managing other disability-related concerns, if those concerns impact their education.


Interpreters /CART services

Interpreters/CART Services can be requested for regularly scheduled class times, tutoring, advising, field trips and open labs.



If your disability makes it difficult to take lecture notes, volunteer note takers and audio recording accommodations are available.



Parking for those with disabilities is available in various locations throughout campus.



Depending on the nature of your disability, you may qualify to have an assistant read and/or write for you for your quizzes/exams.


Self-Advocacy Counseling

When you speak up for yourself, when you decide what YOU want to do now or in the future, you are a self-advocate. Self-advocacy means understanding your strengths and weaknesses, developing personal goals, being assertive, and making decisions. Self-advocacy also means communicating your needs and making decisions about the supports necessary to meet those needs. This is important in the college setting, where you will be responsible for getting the supports you need to be successful in your college endeavor.


Special testing arrangements

You may qualify for special testing arrangements, such as taking tests and quizzes outside the classroom in a specified area and/or extended time for testing.



You are responsible for your own transportation to and from campus. However, there are several services we can suggest if you have unique transportation needs.