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Houston Community College transfers more students to the university of their choice than any other community college in Texas.  Discovering your path to a bachelor’s degree has never been easier. 

Texas university choices, checklist

Transfer checklist

  Meet with an HCC counselor or academic advisor

Meet with an HCC counselor or academic advisor to discuss your academic goals, plans, and any questions. Consider completing an associate degree before transferring. Some universities give preference in admission decisions if a student transfers after completing his/her associate's degree.

  Obtain a transfer plan

A transfer plan lists the university-required courses which can be taken at HCC toward your university bachelor degree major. If you are undecided about your choice of university or your choice of major, it is best to complete the HCC core classes which are applicable to most majors.  Obtain a transfer plan from your HCC counselor at the same time you obtain your associate degree plan.

  Apply for university admission and financial aid early

Most universities have application fees. An admission application is not considered complete until all official documents are in and all fees are paid. If housing is needed, an application must also be made to the university’s housing office.  It is wise to apply for university admission and financial aid early and before the university’s deadlines.

Note: Applying early for financial aid can have a big impact on the aid you receive. 

  Submit academic transcripts and Texas Success Initiative (TSI) scores/status

To have your HCC transcript sent to a university, visit the Admissions Office on campus. Transcripts can be sent electronically or by mail. All academic transcripts and Texas Success Initiative (TSI) scores/status must be sent to your university of choice by the university’s admission deadline.

Note: Universities require an academic transcript from every institution attended. HCC cannot send copies of transcripts from other schools. We can only send a transcript with HCC coursework.


Reverse articulation

If you need to transfer to another institution before the completion of your HCC associate degree, you may be able to “transfer back” to HCC with your college credits from another institution in order to fulfill your associate degree requirements.

In most cases, a student can “transfer back” up to 42 college-level semester hours of credit within three years of leaving HCC to complete his/her associate degree requirements.

Note: All graduation requirements must be fulfilled. See the HCC catalog for more information.


Contact information

For more information on the transfer process, visit the HCC counseling office at your campus, call 713-718-8500 or visit Admissions and Registration.