Medical Biotechnology, Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC)

Medical Biotechnology

About the Program

Biotechnology is an integrated discipline consisting of chemistry, biology, physics, microbiology, molecular biology, cellular physiology, nanotechnology, etc. With new discoveries and emergence of new knowledge in these fields, there is robust growth in the field of biotechnology with dominant application in health care sector that includes research, development and manufacturing of novel medicinal and bio-molecular products for detection, diagnosis, treatment, and management of various infectious diseases like HIV, COVID-19, and metabolic disorders like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, etc, in the State of Texas and the nation.

AWARD TYPES: Advanced Technical Certificate

AREA OF STUDY: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Program Outcomes

Students will be able to:


Conduct Medical Biotechnology Research by performing various analytical laboratory techniques.


Produce Bio-Therapeutics and Diagnostic Products and Demonstrate proper lab procedures and maintenance of equipment.


Apply Safety and Quality Control Standards in Biological, Biomedical and Clinical Laboratories.


Perform Data Management and Analysis in Bio-Industrial / Medical Biotechnology Operations.

Employment Opportunities

(Job Titles Depending on Company) Biotech Lab Technician, Research Assistant, Research Associate, Research Technologist, Clinical Research Associates, Manufacturing Technician, Assay Analyst, Manufacturing Research Associate, Medical Device Production Assistant, Process Development Scientist, Quality Control Analyst, Safety Specialist, Biochemist

Potential Employers:

  • Clinical Diagnostic Product Companies
  • Bio-Therapeutics Manufacturers
  • Medical and Biomedical Research Labs
  • Biotech Service Companies
  • Bio-Research Reagent Companies
  • Federal and State Regulatory Agencies

Salaries: In Texas, Biological/Biomedical Science Technologists earn an average $46,288.00 annually.


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