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Northline Campus XRLab Supports HISD History 1301 Students

XRLab Supports HISD History 1301 Students

Pictured left to right:  Marisela Mercado, Major: Computer engineering, Class US History 1301, Jacqueline Hernandez, Major: Biomedical Engineering, Class US History 1301, Luis Sepulveda, Major: Business administration, Class US History 1301


Hosted by the IIED's Center for Learning Innovation (CLI) - East Region, North Houston Early College High School (HISD) students Luis, Marisela, and Jacqueline explore XRLab vinyl printing to complete their History 1301 final debate project against the justification for southern succession. The shirt design provides a visual representation of their debate stance and was created to reinforce the debate topic. The students stated “we wanted to make a shirt to get an upper hand over the opposing team” and also to “WOW” the instructor, Mr. Michael Ramey. The students found the process of designing shirts on the Silhouette Dye Cutter fun and interesting. Luis stated that he was fascinated by the final product, while Jacqueline expressed curiosity about the engineering behind the equipment in the XRLab. The students also conveyed gratitude to HCC for providing the opportunity to utilize the equipment in the XRLab for educational purposed.

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