HCC Coleman College for Health Sciences nominates college president Dr. Phillip Nicotera for TMC Pulse Hero recognition

Nov 22, 2021

The Houston Community College Coleman College for Health Sciences nominates President Phillip Nicotera, M.D. for the TMC Pulse Hero honor for his heroic efforts in leading our students, staff and faculty through extraordinarily challenging times.

TMC Pulse is the monthly news magazine of the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

During our college's darkest hours of pandemic, he was the guiding force that motivated a college community and led us to light. He worked tirelessly to develop and implement ways to support our students and help sustain their academic progress threatened by the impact of COVID-19. While maintaining poise under pressure, he educated and informed more, so we feared less. Through his unwavering efforts, he persevered for more than 18 months providing various modalities to help maintain instructional learning and clinical articulation agreements to ensure HCC Coleman students' clinical rotations were sustained.

Our future allied health professionals were also provided various opportunities – while under the direct supervision of our dedicated faculty – to participate, engage and apply hands-on training during their course studies by serving our community and administering COVID-19 vaccinations to those in under-served populations. Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Nicotera, our students are front-line heroes in the making.

At moments when the pandemic threatened the progression of our students, President Nicotera motivated students by providing opportunities to celebrate their achievements and success. At moments of fear and uncertainty, the reassurance, support, guidance and leadership of one man during these unprecedented times inspired an entire college to look forward to the future. This is commendable and worthy of praise.

Nicotera's unyielding and selfless devotion to our students as future front-line workers and health care professionals is admirable and he should be recognized for his dedicated efforts. Thank you Dr. Nicotera for motivating our college to "keep calm and carry on!"

Thank you Dr. Nicotera for being our hero!

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